Salvage Cars

Purchase, sale and export salvage cars of all makes

Salvage cars are purchased each day by the national car salvage specialist through direct purchasing channels with long-term partners such as insurance companies. Van der Ven Auto’s is recognised by the RDW(Dutch Vehicle and Driver Licensing Authority) and registered with the VbV(Missing Cars Registry), so that you are guaranteed reliable and honest salvage cars of all makes and years. Keenly priced with professional service.

The current, rapidly changing stock of salvage vehicles of current makes can be viewed in real time, with photos and specifications.

  • Rapidly changing stock
  • Available immediately
  • All makes and years
  • RDW and VbV recognised

Buying or selling a salvage car? Contact us directly via phone on +31(0)6-51896460 or send your request to  or use the contact form below.

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